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As an engaged volunteer organisation we want to connect lots of people in a warm, homy atmosphere. This we realize by matching hosts and guests in a reliable and professional manner for an enjoyable dinner on an address, once or in a regular way. By contributing to new social relations we care about more contacts, more fun and more cosiness. Together we connect the society.

The Organization

In 2007 Annelies Kastein started Foundation Eet mee! with Utrecht people at their table as a project of a cultural organization bureau Cultuurinzicht (cultural insight).
Pretty soon the formula seemed to be successfull. So Foundation Eet mee! has been brought to live. In the mean time the foundation is active in several towns in the district of Utrecht with her meeting-initiative Eet mee! Eenmaal (eenmaal means once).

A new ongoing initiative was started in 2014: Eet mee! Vaste gast (vaste gast means regular guest). A further expansion in the provision of services was settled with Come & Eat and Eet mee! Student. Also there are yearly recurring shorter projects as Eet mee! In je buurt (in je buurt means in your neighbourhood).


The volunteers support the foundation in several ways. They work with the administrative data, the matching, the distributing of folders and posters and the crewing of information stands.
Do you want te be active as a volunteer at Eet mee! ? We can use your help very well. Sign up with Foundation Eet mee! Fill in the contact form or call us.

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Foundation Eet mee is a by SBB acknowledged so called 'learning company'. SBB means 'Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven', in English: 'Working-together-organization of Vocational Education and Trade and Traffic'.
We offer trainees who are in intermediate vocational education to get the opportunity to get some practical experience in bussiness.
A trainee post with us guarantees varying activities and nice contacts with all kinds of people.

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