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Socialising and chatting with other students

Students For Dinner - also during Wellbeing Week

Hey student, would you like to spend an evening eating and chatting with other students you don’t know yet? Then join Students For Dinner and organise a dinner party or slide in. Participate during UU Wellbeing Week? Scroll down.

To join, create a free account via the special Students For Dinner sign-up form for our platform. Confirm your email address and fill your profile page with a short biography, your dining preferences and other things that matter to you at an Eet Mee dinner. You can participate alone or with housemates or friends. You can host guests at your dining table as a diner as well as join as a guest. You can do both, of course, and as often as you like. Have you saved your profile? Then you are ready to join.

Would you like to host a dinner party? Choose a dinner date, the number of guests and which language you want to speak. Would you like to cook together, share the costs or organise a ‘bring your own’ dinner? Once you have indicated your preferences, put your dinner party online. You choose who you will eventually invite from the applications. After that will you receive their contact details and be able to arrange further details with your guests.riends.

Would you like to join a fun dinner party as a guest? After you have completed your profile, you can respond to dinners online. Once the application deadline has passed, you will be notified whether you are invited. If so, you will receive the contact details and you can make further arrangements.

Wellbeing Week Utrecht University 8 to 17 May 2023

This year, Stichting Eet Mee is once again one of the partners of Wellbeing Week and our Students For Dinners is in the programme. Give your social network a boost and organise a dinner during Wellbeing Week. You will also have the chance to win a to cookbook.

Wouldn’t you rather be a guest? Then check the offer regularly and sign up quickly for one of the dinners online.

You can also sign up on the platform for our special Bring Your Own Dinner on 9 May in the city library. The perfect way to meet new students and have a surprising evening. So sign up, alone or with friends and start thinking about which of your favourite meals you will make. You can subscribe for this dinner from April 26.

Great! I’m in!