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The best recipe for a spontaneous meeting

How it works

Boost your social network

Enjoy being together around the dining table in people’s homes. For those who enjoy meeting new people, are open to diverse backgrounds, and want to actively contribute to an inclusive society. Whether you take on the role of a dining host or prefer to join as a guest, the options are tailored to your wishes and needs. Create your own matches or let our matchmakers assist you.

Organising a Dinner? Here’s How It Works

  • Create your account on our Eet Mee platform. Are you a student? Check out Students For Dinner.
  • Select a date, the number of guests, and the language you want to speak.
  • Do you want to invite a specific age group, cook together, share costs, or organise a ‘bring your own’ dinner? Perhaps you’d like to pick up a guest who can’t come on their own? Specify your preferences and publish your dinner online.
  • You then choose from the guests who have registered whom you ultimately invite.
  • You’ll receive the contact details on the platform and can finalize all the details with your guests.

Do you want to invite refugees from the Utrecht emergency shelters? Sign up your dinner through the special form on our Come & Eat page.

Prefer to Join as a Guest?

  • Create an account on the Eet Mee platform. Are you a student looking to meet peers? Head over to Students For Dinner.
  • After filling out your profile, you can respond to dinners posted online.
  • Once the registration deadline has passed, you’ll receive a message whether you’ve been invited. In that case, you’ll get the contact details, and you can make further arrangements.
  • And of course, you can always organise a dinner yourself! Finding it challenging to create an account? No problem at all, call our matchmakers, they’re happy to assist with the matches for you.

“The dinner was incredibly successful, with very nice, enthusiastic, and spontaneous people. We also had a good conversation with each other. There were always different topics to talk about. Not a moment where you thought: what should we talk about now?” – Marcus

“It was a wonderful evening because I got to know very kind Dutch people. That’s what I want. I don’t know many yet. Sometimes they speak a bit fast, but I want to challenge myself to understand what they’re talking about.” – Amer, Language at the Table


We work with the following theme groups, some of which are active the year round, some only temporary:

Eet Mee for Everybody

Do you have no particular preferences for your dining party besides a certain age group, food preference, language and number of guests? Then make your matches in this group, with dinners for everyone, without a special target group or theme.

Ukrainians For Dinner

As a Ukrainain, would you like to learn more about Dutch culture and society, build up a social network or practice your Dutch? Or would you, being a Dutch citizen, like to help Ukrainians with that by inviting them over for dinner, get to know them and learn about their culture? Choose this theme group for your matches.

Language at the Table

Would you like to learn to speak Dutch better or help someone do so, as a guest or dining companion? A cosy dinner is the ideal time for that. Would you like to help someone practice? Then organise a dinner in this theme group, indicate how many guests are welcome and put your dinner online. Or sign up as a guest. Do you want to improve your Dutch? Sign up as a guest. Or organize your own dinner. Always choose a limited number of guests, so you can focus on simple language.

Dining club

Are you looking for a regular group to eat together and chat? Then organise your dinner in this theme group in the platform

The Festive Season

At Christmas or New Year’s Eve, many people like to eat with others. Do you have one or more spots free at your dining table? Then choose this theme group when you organise your dinner. As a guest, you select the dinners listed online under this theme.

Do you find the online process difficult? You can also apply by phone at 030-2213498, our matchmakers will be happy to make a match for you.