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The best recipe for a spontaneous meeting

How it works

Boost your social network

Ontmoeting Aan Tafel, as it started in 2009 and as it is still going: for anyone who wants to meet new people and is open to other stories, we like to make a nice match for a cosy dinner in our online platform. In doing so, we work with different theme groups. To join, create a free account. Confirm your e-mail address and fill your profile page with a short biography, your dining preferences and other things that are important to you at an Eet Mee dinner. You can host guests at your dining table and also join them as a guest. You can do both, of course, and as often as you like. Have you saved your profile? Then you are ready to join.

Would you like to organize a dinner party? Choose a dinner date, the number of guests and which language you want to speak. Do you want to cook together, share the cost or have a ‘bring your own’ dinner? And maybe you want to pick up a guest if they cannot come on their own? Once you have indicated your preferences, put your dinner party online. You choose who you eventually invite from the applications. Only then will you get their contact details and be able to arrange further details with your guests.

Would you like to join a cosy dinner party as a guest? After you have completed your profile, you can respond to dinners online. Once the application deadline has passed, you will be notified whether you are invited. If so, you will receive the contact details and you can make further arrangements.

We work with the following theme groups, some of which are active the year round, some only temporary:

Eet Mee for Everybody

Do you have no particular preferences for your dining party besides a certain age group, food preference, language and number of guests? Then make your matches in this group, with dinners for everyone, without a special target group or theme.

Ukrainians For Dinner

As a Ukrainain, would you like to learn more about Dutch culture and society, build up a social network or practice your Dutch? Or would you, being a Dutch citizen, like to help Ukrainians with that by inviting them over for dinner, get to know them and learn about their culture? Then choose this theme group for your matches.

Language at the Table

Would you like to learn to speak Dutch better or help someone do so, as a guest or dining companion? A cosy dinner is the ideal time for that. Would you like to help someone practice? Then organize a dinner in this theme group, indicate how many guests are welcome and put your dinner online. Or sign up as a guest. Do you want to improve your Dutch? Then sign up as a guest. Or organize your own dinner. Always choose a limited number of guests, so you can focus on simple language.

The Festive Season

At Christmas or New Year’s Eve, many people like to eat with others. Do you have one or more spots free at your dining table? Then choose this theme group when you organize your dinner. As a guest, you select the dinners listed online under this theme.

Do you find the online process difficult? You can also apply by phone at 030-2213498, our matchmakers will be happy to make a match for you.