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The most beautiful conversations start at the dinner table

Eat, meet & experience together


24-26 December  – Eet Mee during the Festive Season

Sign up Ukraine

Join Dutch inhabitants for a dinner at their place / Invite Ukrainian refugees for a dinner at your place.

Sign up Come & Eat

Invite refugees from emergency shelters and AZC in Utrecht to dinner at your place. We will make a match for you.

Sign up Eet Mee

Eat together at peoples homes, for everyone. For young and old, who wants to get to know new people.

Sign up Students for Dinner

Eating together with other students. Through our online platform, you can host or join dinners yourself.

Eat, meet & experience together

Do you enjoy a good conversation? Are you excited about meeting people you wouldn’t normally meet? Do you like cooking for others?Whatever your reason: Eet Mee is a great and fun way to meet new people. Join in and contribute to more genuine connections in society.

Since 2009, Eet Mee has been bringing people together at the dinner table for cosy meals through various formulas. This way, you expand your social circle and get to know other cultures and languages. We have already made over 12.000 matches. Feel welcome and sign up.



It was a great evening. We enjoyed our meal, feeling relaxed while talking to each other, and we laughed a lot.

Nieuwe mensen leren kennen tijdens video-etentjes - vrouw achter laptop