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The most beautiful conversations start at the dinner table

Eat, meet & experience together

Do you enjoy a good conversation? Do you want to make a difference for others? Do you enjoy cooking? Would you like to meet people you wouldn’t normally encounter or experience different cultures? Whatever your reason may be, Eet Mee is a fantastic way to get to know new people around the dinner table. Join us!

Sign up Ukrainians For Dinner

Join Dutch inhabitants for a dinner at their place / Invite Ukrainian refugees for a dinner at your place.

Sign up Come & Eat

Invite refugees from emergency shelters and AZC in Utrecht to dinner at your place. We will make a match for you.

Sign up Eet Mee

Eat together at peoples homes, for everyone. For young and old, who wants to get to know new people.

Sign up Students for Dinner

Eating together with other students. Through our online platform, you can host or join dinners yourself.

Getting started: how it works

At Eet Mee, it’s simply about enjoying a cozy meal together in people’s homes. It’s for anyone who wants to meet new people, is open to hearing different stories, and wants to connect with society. You can either host guests at your dining table or join as a guest and sit at someone else’s table. Of course, you can do both, as often as you like and based on your preferences and availability.

What can we offer you?

There are various ways to participate. What do we offer you?

Dinners for Everyone

On our Eet Mee matching platform, you can make your own matches for a cozy dinner, both as a guest and as a host. We also offer special themed groups. Everyone is welcome to participate. Finding it challenging? Our matchmakers are here to assist you.

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Dinners with Refugees from Emergency Shelters

In the municipality of Utrecht, there are various asylum shelter locations for refugees from all over the world. To provide residents with a homey moment and to meet Dutch locals, Eet Mee organizes Come & Eat. Here, you can host a dinner and get matched with guests.

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Student Dinners

Hey student, are you looking to enjoy a fun evening of dining and chatting with other students you haven’t met yet? Or perhaps you want to give international students the chance to get to know Dutch students better and explore a new culture? Then create your account on our Students For Dinner and either host a dinner or join someone else’s.

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Curious About Experiences?

Every dinner is a unique experience. You talk about all sorts of things, broaden your horizons, and might even arrange to meet again.

It was a great evening. We enjoyed our meal, feeling relaxed while talking to each other, and we laughed a lot.

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