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Donate to Eet Mee

Contribute to a better understanding and connection in the Netherlands

Dining Together, Creating Connections

At Eet Mee, we believe in the power of sharing a meal. Our mission is to bring people from different backgrounds and ages together around the dinner table. Through shared meals, we connect communities and promote social inclusion.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

With your donation, we can reach more people with our unique matching tools and create more connections. Every contribution helps us expand our activities, make new matches, and amplify the impact of Eet Mee. By donating to Eet Mee, you are directly investing in promoting social connectedness and creating an inclusive society. Additionally, we have ANBI status, which means your donation may be tax deductible.

Become a Partner

Are you a company, municipality, or foundation interested in joining our mission? Become a partner of Eet Mee and actively contribute to strengthening our communities. By collaborating, we can increase our impact and reach even more people. As a partner of Eet Mee, you can play an essential role in building strong, inclusive communities where everyone is welcome. Contact us today to discover how your organization can contribute to realizing our mission.