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Donate to Eet Mee

Contribute to a better understanding and connection in the Netherlands

By supporting Eet Mee you contribute to a more livable Holland: better connections between people, a better understanding for each other and more harmony within society. With your support we can keep making beautiful Eet Mee matches.


Why donate to Eet Mee?
Eet Mee is non-profit foundation. We depend on participant contributions, grants, business support and donations. Every contribution, large or small, contributes to the survival of Eet Mee and is more than welcome.


How do I donate?
You can make a one-time donation to Eet Mee, but also monthly donations can be made. If you decide to become a monthly donor, you authorize Eet Mee to debit the amount you have determined from your account, every month. Please contact us via info@eetmee.nl for more information.


When do I donate to Eet Mee?
You can always make a donation to Eet Mee, as a company but also as individual. Maybe because you have had a successful dinner or you want to make a social impact with your contribution to support a great cause. Maybe you want to celebrate your birthday with Eet Mee. Or you have cleaned up your garage and sold some stuff for a contribution to Eet Mee.


Is a donation to Eet Mee deductible?
Because Eet Mee has an ANBI status, you can deduct your donation from income or corporate tax (within the applicable rules). Take a look at the website of the tax authorities to see all the rules.


Become a partner
We are looking for partners who are willing to support us, so we can make our meeting matches and to keep contributing to a better understanding with each other in and inclusive society. You can help financially but also with materials and helping hands.

Does your company want to contribute to Eet Mee for example fill in your CSR profile or for another reason? Please contact Annelies Kastein at annelies@eetmee.nl or 030-2213498.