Question and Answer

Question and Answer

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Why would you share a meal to talk?

We like to bring people in contact with one another, and we have noticed that the dining table is the perfect place for this. After all, everyone has to eat! Dining together works as a lubricator, when someone uses his or her family recipe you will have an instant conversation topic. But a simple spaghetti will also do the work and loosen the tongues.

Is Eet Mee also something for me?

If you love to dine together and have wonderful conversations with strangers, Eet Mee is the perfect fit for you. If you don’t know if sharing your dining table or someone else’s is your piece of cake, just try it. After the experience you are not attached to any rules or restrictions. Maybe a Video-dinner is something for you!

I think it’s kind of scary to share a meal in stranger’s house. Can you tell me how it works?

Well, it is very simple to eat with someone. You ring the bell; somebody cooks and you join the dining table. The conversation will start with “hello” and can continue in all sorts of directions, from culture and sports to what’s on the news lately and of course the food. Always remember: for everybody this experience is a little bit scary at first, but as soon as the food has been served the conversations will start to flow.

Is dining together really that good for you?

Yes! A research from Oxford University revealed that people who dine together with others experience happy feelings and thoughts. This may seem as a logical conclusion, but it is not easy for everyone to live by this advice. That’s why you should join Eet Mee to see if it makes a difference in your life.

How does it work, a personal match?

We make the matches based on the wishes and possibilities the participants fill out for us. That’s how a fled Pakistani doctor shared a meal with a Dutch physician and her husband. To make a match, we look at factors like age, distance, language but also eating preferences. Our application selects people who fit your profile and then you decide who you invite at your eating address and as guest you decide if you will accept your invitation.

What kind of meal is expected from me?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a top chef to sign up as an eating address. It is all about the meeting one another. Moreover, we will always inform you if you have to pay attention to any allergies or eating preferences.

How much do I spend on a dinner?

As eating address, you will bear the costs. You can make it as crazy and big as you like but you don’t have make any big purchases to have a good meal. You decide what you want to make and how much it will cost.

What does Eet Mee offer to people with a refugee background?

You can notify us if you want to be matched specifically to people with a refugee background. You can invite them to eat at your place but you can also be a guest in their home. The dinners from Eet Mee are a fun way to get in contact with fellow citizens and to practice the Dutch language.

Why is Eet Mee so important for the elderly?

Sometimes elderly people are not so excited to eat alone again, or they dislike the fact that their network is very small. As an older person you can join our “Eet Mee-dinners”. Besides that, there is a possibility to eat every month at a certain eat address near your home. In both cases your eating preferences and time planning will be looked at carefully. For the dining address it is nice to hear a different story and be meaningful to another, for the guest it is an ideal way to eat well and get to know people in the area, whether it is a family, a couple or individual.

Can I cook well enough?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a top chef to organize a diner. You do have to enjoy inviting people to come over and eat at your place. Eet Mee is about people meeting each other and having wonderful conversations.

With what kind of people am I sitting at the table?

Everybody with a profile on Eet Mee likes to meet others. Just like you. They match with your profile which you filled in. The first will always be a little bit scary, but as soon as the food is ready and on the table, conversations will appear more naturally. Even if you really don’t match, you will have a story to tell afterwards.

Is it safe?

Honestly, through the years we have never had a bad experience with the dining appointments. We only make matches for people who filled in a profile with an email address and a phone number. That’s how we ensure everyone’s safety.

What do you do with the matching contribution?

We use the matching contribution to keep our website on the air and to promote Eet Mee. That’s how we ensure that you can enjoy many more long dinners.

Why don’t you use a profile picture?

Eet Mee is not really about appearances. The dinners are about meeting new people. We make the matches based on your content, which are your interests, the age group in which you want to meet people and which city you choose.

Is your question not included?

Ask us your question via the contact sheet, then we will answer it directly for you