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Question and Answer

I have registered as a guest but I haven't been invited to a dinner yet.

Our online environment is designed in such a way that the host must take the first action. He or she organizes the dinner and invites the guests. If you haven’t gotten an invitation yet, this could be due to several reasons. Perhaps there are not enough participants for a dinner at home in your area.

For the video-dinners, it could be the case that many people have registered as guests and less people have registered as hosts. As a guest you have to be a bit more patient! Don’t want to wait to be invited to a dinner? A solution could be to become a host for a video-dinner yourself. This will allow you to organize a dinner faster. Read here or consult one of the Q&A’s above to learn how this works.

Are you looking to join a dinner at someone’s home but you live in an area where there are few participants? You can help to make Eet Mee more well-known in your hometown, so that more people will register in your area and hopefully you will be able to join a nice dinner very soon! In the meantime you can organize a video-dinner. Since these are virtual, it doesn’t matter where you live.

I would like to help make Eet Mee more well-known in my area. What can I do?

Great to hear that you are so enthusiastic about Eet Mee! You can help us in several ways. For example by sharing our social media posts, placing an article in the local newspaper or by hanging posters and flyers. We can provide you with the materials you can use for this. So feel free to contact us.

I want to pause my participation for a while. Is that possible?

We are sorry to hear that, but of course it is no problem at all. To pause your participation, log in and go to Settings. Then move the ball to “I want to pause my participation in Eet Mee” until the bar is green.

Tip: write down in your calendar when you would like to participate again, so that you do not forget to put yourself on “active” again in the application.

How will I hear if there is a match for me?

You will receive an email from us saying that you are invited to join a dinner. If you log in to your profile, you can read who invited you and when.

I read my email irregularly. Can I still be matched?

When someone invites you to a dinner, you will receive an email. When you log in you can find the match proposal in your profile. This proposal expires after one day. After this, the next match on the host’s list will be invited. In this way we prevent the match from being ‘stuck’ for too long when someone doesn’t read their e-mail, with the result of the dinner having to be cancelled. It is therefore important that you check your e-mail regularly.

Tip: save the application in your bookmars bar at the top of the browser. This way you will be able to see it every time you use the internet and you can log in quicky.

I would like to organise a dinner, but I have to plan it some days in advance. Why is that?

Our online matching platform works in such a way that everyone who is invited gets one day to respond to the invitation. The invitation expires after 24 hours. If the guest has not responded or is unavailable on the date and time you propose, the next guest will be invited. In this way we ensure that there are enough guests to join your dinner.

To ensure enough time for this process, we ask you to plan the dinner at least 10 days in advance.

Am I expected to meet with the people I meet at dinner more often?

During an Eet Mee dinner you will meet new people who are matched to you based on interests, among other things. It is therefore possible that you click with someone during the dinner and you decide to meet more often. However, you are under no obligation at all to do.

So if you choose to leave it at that dinner and maybe eat with other people next time, that is fine as well. It is entirely up to you.