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Our Team

A good story begins with Eet Mee

Our Team

Our enthusiastic team consists of volunteers and freelancers, alongside our director/initiator Annelies Kastein. Together, with our unique matching concept, we facilitate new encounters and contribute to social connections. Several team members also regularly organize dinners themselves.

Are you looking for volunteer or freelance opportunities where you can make a difference? Take a quick look at our job vacancies.

Eet Mee Volunteer reviews


“It is a wonderful way to connect with different types of people.”

“I meet people I don’t meet in my daily life.”

“Working for a good cause in an environment, in which nice atmosphere, humanity, and quality are central”

“I think it is important to contribute to the development of the society. Moreover, I am interested in marketing and communication, the field where my passion is. Eet Mee allows the combination of these two factors, and that is why I started working here.”