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Socialising and eating together

Eet Mee during the Festive Season

Celebrate the Holiday Season together

During the holiday period (December 24th, 25th and 26th and New Year’s Eve) many people like to be together for companionship and sharing food.

Do you have one or more spaces available at your dining table during this period and would you like to do something meaningful for someone else? Or would you like to join someone else’s dinner to make an occasional more sociable?

We are happy to provide a nice match for you! You can register as a dining host or as a guest.

How does it work?

Organising a Dinner During the Holidays

  • Create an account on our matching platform and fill out your profile page.
  • Then you can organize your dinner. Choose the date and time, the number of guests, and indicate if you can pick up and drop off guests. Click publish, and your dinner will be online!
  • You will receive an email when a guest has signed up.
  • Finding online registration too complicated? Contact us, and we will assist you in making a match.

Would you like to host refugees from one of the emergency shelters in Utrecht? You can do so through our Come & Eat initiative.

Joining as a Guest During the Holidays

  • Create an account on our matching platform. After filling out your profile, you can respond to dinners that are online.
  • Once the deadline for registration has passed, you will be notified if you have been invited. In that case, you will receive the contact details and can make further arrangements.
  • Finding online registration too complicated? Call or email us. Our matchmakers will then contact you to make a match.