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Privacy Statement

Foundation Eet Mee! enables worthwhile encounters via meals from people at their homes. If you are a participant and supports us and make use of our information of other services we offer, we will process your personal data. Foundation Eet Mee! emphasizes privacy. We process and secure your personal data as thorough as possible. Therefore we formulated a privacy policy. With this we keep ourselves to the law and legal rules on the subject of protection of personal data as the General Law on Dataprotection (AVG) says.
Our privacy policy is applicable to your use of our website, or if you use our services, at all times. All new functions and/or services that are added to our present services in the future, are subject to our privacy policy too.

Foundation Eet Mee! is responsible for the processing of your personal data. This implies that Foundation Eet Mee! herself determines the aims and means for the processing and responsibility towards compliance of the lawful requirements. By using the website you admit in giving permission for the processing of personal data as is outlined by this Privacy Statement.

Purposes of the processing of personal data.
Foundation Eet Mee! processses personal data of people with whom we have a relationship directly or indirectly. Also with whom we have had in the past or will have in the future.
For instance they are:

  • participants who want to be matched,
  • volunteers,
  • people who are interested in Foundation Eet Mee!
  • people who are participant or have been a former volunteer of Foundation Eet Mee!
  • people whoare conntected to a organisation, with whom we had, have, or will have a relationship with

Foundation Eet Mee! processes the necessary personal data only, if you have provided these to Foundation Eet Mee! yourself, unless stated otherwise in accordance to this Privacy Statement. Your data are supplied to us for instance by means of a webform on our website or an intake at your home.
The next purposes for the data are applicable:

Administering of the account of the participant
To be able to match you as a participant tailor-made, for a meal with someone at his/her home, we process the following personal data:
Your name, address and contact data, birth date, (previous) profession or study, hobbies or interests, which languages you speak, what eating tradition you have and what you don’t eat.

Processing of specific personal data
Specific personal data are sensitive data, as they are about health, ethnicity or religion. These may only be processed with your permission, if that is required by law, or you.
Foundation Eet Mee! processes the specific personal data about health (use of wheelchair or rollator, diet) and if someone is a refugee. This we do, because this is necessary for the quality of our provision of services to our participants: making a tailor-made match. Also our financiers take us accountable for making proper matches for refugees and seniors.
All the data of the participant is only visible to our employees who have specific functions within the organisation of Foundation Eet Mee!.

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