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I checked if they wanted to cook together (Ukrainian). When this was indeed the case, we first went shopping together and cooked extensively. Doing something together, learning from each other, gets the conversation going, Our guest was a very young woman, wo spoke English very well and, after the first embarrassment, had a lot to tell us and who touched us with her flight story, but also with her wishes for the future. The food was very tasty, we really made a party of it. Her desire to cook for others more often and possibly also to be able to earn money with it, I have included it in my mind to help her to promote herself a bit. We were at all concerned with the subject of education and work, but also the much-needed need for contact with other (young) people. We hope we can help her a bit. She is very intelligent and talented, her studies that had just started came to an abrupt end because of the war and so we immediately feel called to support her to find her way in this country, in this city. Contacts are all you need to feel comfortable and move forward. An acquaintance over a dinner party is very useful and it increases your involvement in the world of refugees. And eating with dishes from the guest brings reciprocity in the relationship. In addition to great needs, caused by the pain they carry through the flight and the unfamiliarity with customs in the new country, refugees also have the desire to give something back and contribute. And food is one such step.