Eating together from your own home

Are you stuck at home because of Corona? Do you have more time available because the gyms are closed? Do you want to meet new people? Nothing is easy during this current ‘1,5 meters society’. Especially in these times it is nice to feel connected and to have a distraction and get out of your comfort zone. That’s exactly the reason why we started video-dinners. Will you join us?


Eet Mee Video-dinners, this is how it works.

Do you want to join us during one of our video-dinner from Eet Mee? The only thing that you will need is a computer, tablet or mobile with a camera, microphone and a good Wi-Fi-signal. During these Corona times the Eet Mee video-dinners are free of charge. So, just try it out!

Boukje, 59 years old

“Normally speaking, I have all the time in the world. I go to the gym twice a week and I often meet up with friends to eat. Now, during Corona-time I spend more time at home. We do call one another but it always feels different when you actually see each other. Thanks to the Eet Mee video-dinners I do have to opportunity to share a meal with someone.”

Step 1: sign up 

Make a profile and describe who you are and what you find important when you share a meal or meet people. That’s important for us to know to make good matches:

  • Your age and what kind of people you want to meet.
  • Which languages you speak.
  • A short summary in which you write something about yourself.
  • Pictures are not included in the profiles. How you look is not important, the matches are based on your preferences.

set up your profile now 

Are you unable to create a profile? 

Use the Help button or call us during weekdays on 030-2213498. One of our employees will be happy to help you create a profile.


Step 2: Organise a dinner as an initiator or wait for a match as guest

Hosting a dinner is very easy online:

  • Choose a date and the limit of people you want to invite.
  • You will receive the profiles of possible guests (age, sex, residence, short biography).
  • Choose your guests from your matches online.
  • You will receive an email when your guestlist is complete.
  • We will give you some tips to make the video-dinner a success.

Wait for as match as a guest

Has an initiator invited you for a video-dinner? You will receive an online invitation to share a meal.

  • Look at the date, the profile of the initiator (age, sex, residence and the short biography) and the number of people that are invited.
  • Indicate whether or not you want to join the dinner.
  • When the group is complete you will receive more detailed information, such as the names and login link for the Video-dinner

Step 3: Join the Eet Mee Video-dinner

  • Test in advance whether everything is working properly. Does it not work? Call us and we will help you on your way!
  • Read the tips that your received via e-mail for the dinner to be a successful experience.
  • Participation is free of charge during Corona-time. A donation is very welcome, you help us so we can continue making matches.


Claudia, 22 jaar 

It was nice to have a video-dinner. The initiator led the conversation so everybody had a chance to speak. There was room for everyone to tell something about themselves and we gave each other the time to finish speaking.”


Over 10.000 matches

Eet Mee is a national platform for people who want to meet via dinners at home and who love to have a conversation and enjoy some food. That’s how we have already made more than 10.000 matches.

Are you joining us for a Video-dinner?