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Satisfied Participants

By 3 October 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

Ali, 32 years old

“I like the video dinners. I can meet people and practice Dutch. Everyone is friendly and interested. Eating together online is easy, you can make and eat the food yourself.”

Sadeq, 29 years old

“I participated in ‘Taal aan Tafel’ video dinners to practice my Dutch. I usually speak English with my Dutch friends, so I can improve my Dutch with video dinners. The video dinner was useful for practicing the language and it was fun too. The person I met at the video dinner was very nice. We talked about hobbies, study and leisure. I find the video dinners useful in these corona times and I want to participate more often!”

Akram, 33 years old

“I participated in ‘Taal aan Tafel’ video dinners and my Dutch improved. After Ramadan I want to participate again!”

Wael, 19 years old

“I have been living in the Netherlands for a year and participated in the ‘Taal aan Tafel’ video dinners. I think it’s great. It’s a nice and convenient way to meet people, eat together and learn the language. I can talk a lot at the dining table. I would like to participate more often.”