Meeting new people during a Eet Mee dinner!

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Are you stuck at home because of Corona? Do you have more time available because the gyms are closed? Do you want to meet new people? Nothing is easy during this current ‘1,5 meters society’. Especially in these times it is nice to feel connected and to have a distraction and get out of your comfort zone.

Three steps to meet new people during a dinner from Eet Mee.

Step 1: Sign up

Make a profile and describe who you are and what you find important when you share a meal or meet people. That’s important for us to know to make good matches:

  • Interest: things that you like to talk about or things that you like to do.
  • Age: your age and the age preferences of the new people you would like to meet.
  • Food: food allergies, food preferences (e.g. vegetarian or halal), and the food you would like to cook.
  • Area: the area/place of the new people you would like to meet.
  • language: the language(s) you speak.
  • Mobility: whether you are able to walk up and down the stairs, or whether you need an elevator, and whether you (as the host) live in an accessible place.
  • Pets: are you allergic to animals or do you have pets?
Set up your profile now

Do you need help with creating a profile? Please call us at: 030 – 2213498. One of our employees will be happy to help you.

Miranda, 33 years old

When we walk to playgroup, my son knocks on the window of the elderly lady we’d invited to dinner. We’ve kept close contact.”

Step 2: Organize a dinner 

You can get to know new people with Eet Mee in two different ways. You can organize a dinner yourself or eat at someone else’s place. Do you like to do both? Great! Then you can join a dinner as a guest on one occasion and be a host another time.

  • You can create a dinner via your Eet Mee account. Log in or create a profile now.
  • Choose a date, the number of people you want to invite and your preferences, such as the language and your eating habits.
  • Publish your dinner. The guests will receive a monthly overview of the available dinners, which they can then respond to.
  • As a host, you choose the guests you would like to have dinner with from the list of people who responded to your dinner.
  • Eet Mee makes the match and you will receive the contact details of your dinner companions.

And of course you can also join a dinner as a guest. In that case, you just respond to one of the available dinners. Do you have to wait a long time to get invited? Then you can also register as a host and organize a dinner yourself.

Participation in our dinners is free during this covid-19 time. We hope that you will support us with a donation when you participate in a dinner. Eet Mee is dependent on grants and donations.

Marijke, 42  years old

“I would never had imagined you could have such nice conversations with people you’d only met a few hours previously.”

Step 3: Eat at your place

For many people, the first time joining a dinner can be quite daunting. Who are you going to meet? What can you expect? Once the food is on the table, everyone feels at ease and the conversation soon starts flowing.