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Terms and conditions of Foundation Eet mee!

  1. Foundation Eet mee! mediates between adults and is not responsible for damage in what form there exists that will be created between presenters and users of meals.
  2. Minors who subscribe by themnselves can join only with written permission of a parent/guardian, to the activities of Foundation Eet mee!
  3. The Foundation does not know any other aim then to effectuate appointments to eat together. It does not have the aim to propagate a political or religious opinion.
  4. The Foundation does not discriminate between man/woman/race/religion/etc.
  5. The registration of participants is strictly confidential. The database of the Foundation shall be used for nothing else then the aim of the Foundation to intermediate.
  6. The Foundation is within the matching process authorized to pass the name, address, telephone number, e-mail and other profile data of the registered participants on to other participants.
  7. The Foundation is not liable for not accomplished dates made by the participants. Also the Foundation is not responsible for the quality of the delivered meals.
  8. The Foundation reserves itself the right to not place experiences of participants on the website.
  9. The Foundation reserves itself the right to not match people (again) or to delete people from the matching file.
  10. Sent recipees are free of rights and can be used by the Foundation.
  11. Photos and other image material that are sent by participants are free to use by the Foundation.
  12. The Foundation acts as an independent party if there is a conflict between presenters and users of meals. A possible statement will be binding to all parties.

Matching conditions

The Foundation matches on the basis of information delivered by the participant. If this information is incorrect, because changes are not given to us, then Foundation Eet mee! does not accept responsibility.

If it is not possible to make an appointment for a dinner after the Foundation made a fitting match,then Foundation Eet mee! does not accept responsability.

The above named conditions apply to all our formulas.