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Frank, 53 years old – Welcome drinks and apple sauce

From my hometown in Friesland I travel all over the country. Eet Mee ensures that I can also travel digitally throughout the country to meet people, out of work. It is really fun, via the laptop and also a nice surprise to find out who you’ll get to meet at the table.

At my second video dinner, when I was the organiser, we first had a welcome drink to get to know each other in a relaxed manner. That made it less awkward, because it takes some getting used to when you meet people for the first time. After half an hour we took a break so that everyone could grab a plate of food and after 5 minutes we were all back and continued chatting.

Because that welcome drink was arranged in advance, I had already made pasta the day before. After the introduction, I only had to heat it up and add a scoop of apple sauce. Yes, apple sauce is my guilty pleasure! Funnily enough, this is something I’ve only just come to realise, due to eating with, at first, strangers: I really eat it with everything!

Another tip for the participants: check your internet connection in advance, so that you can join your virtual table easily.

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