…will be continued

I met some great people that I wouldn’t have get in touch with normally. So fun to discover that there’s this whole international group in Utrecht. We already planned later dinners. Really excited to see them again.


Had a pleasant evening with delicious food

Eating with much younger people

The other guest and I were welcomed. They made us a lovely dinner. The conversations were lively and we had a lot in common. A very succeeded evening.
I even got a book to lend from the hostess! Furthermore I liked eating with much younger people. Mostly I meet people of mu own age or older friends. So this was a nice variation!

Toys everywhere and then…

‘We have four kids ourselves and our guests too. The number of eight dived into all our toys. No room was unplayed, no game was in the cupboard. It was total chaos. For a moment I thought how am I going to get this orderly again. And then I heard one of their girls saying while clapping in her hands: “make tidy, make tidy, make tidy”.
Proud she stepped around the room and everyone helped tidying and arranging ( with varying results 🙂 )
She was in Holland for two weeks and the governess had taught her that. Thanks governess!

Getting to know living here

(Int. student): I am an exchange student and coming from a country far away from the Netherlands. At the moment I am staying here 7 months and already know somewhat more of the Dutch language. The truth is I always want to learn more. The group that organized the international dinner is warm, full of interest and one gets to know the life here.