Alderman has dinner with refugees

“Nice evening with and at the Eritrean refugees Biniam en Kbrab in Lunetten via Eet Mee. About the willingness to participate and the impediments”, so the alderman of Utrecht.
Kees Diepeveen (alderman of Care, Welbeing and Culture) and the coordinator of Foundation Eet Mee, Annelies Kastein, had dinner with refugees from Eritrea.

It was a great time

I am very thankful for arranging this social activity. It was a great time with the hosts. They are very hospitable and friendly. The food was very delicious. I enjoyed their company and all the interaction.

Real friends

In my mind it started as I am going to eat some nice food and that’s it, but I had no idea that it will end up with having real, supportive and nice friends. Refugees have many problems with integration, Eet mee! is on its way to solve the biggest one: communication.

Fitting in

(Dutch students:) Quite nice! We had mainly some small talk. Nevertheless it was interesting to see how the international students are experience their stay in Holland. They feel somewhat excluded of the locals. So this is a nice initiative to make a breakthrough. I will sign up the next time!

Exchanging different stories

(International students:) It was excellent, we had very different stories to tell about
ourselves. We mainly talked about the differences between our different
cultures and also how we find Holland in general. We also spoke about each others lives and studies.

New people

Nice to meet new people and talk about culture shocks.

Sharing our culture

I met lovely Dutch students through the dinner time, having lots of fun sharing our culture and experiences together!