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Corita – Inspiring possibilities

By 6 March 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

The video dinner with two other ladies was very pleasant. In fact, I became so enthusiastic that I decided to do something myself with the online possibilities to connect people, also with my existing friends. I organized several video meetings for my church members, so that they could speak to each other again, given it’s currently not possible in the church. Of course, I also recommended Eet Mee to them, as it is nice to meet new people.

After my studies I lived in Chad for a while and noticed how nice it is to be helped in getting used to a different culture and language. The hospitality I experienced there was wonderful and so natural and automatic for the people who I met there. In turn, I also enjoy helping non-native speakers practice Dutch and getting to know Dutch customs and culture. For that reason, I would like to participate again.

Eet Mee; thank you for the inspiration and possibilities!