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Anna-Serissa – fun at the dining table

By 3 October 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

I live alone and like to talk to people during my dinner. Eating together is a bit more difficult at the moment because of Corona, but video-dinners are a good alternative. Because you are both on screen with your plate of food, you really have the idea that you are eating together.

The first time I participated in a ‘Taal aan Tafel’ dinner (Eet Mee’s initiative to give people the opportunity to practice Dutch), I had to get used to it and I sometimes found it a bit uncomfortable, but after a while everyone loosens up! You soon learn what to say and ask and when my dinner companions laughed, I knew they were enjoying themselves. It is great to hear how passionate the participants of ‘Taal aan Tafel’ are; for example, they liked to show me their artwork or photos. They all do their very best to cook something tasty. They have a lot of food on the table and they tell you about it.

For some participants , it is their first time speaking Dutch with someone outside of their language lessons. Because of corona, they don’t get many opportunities to practice and when people notice that they don’t speak Dutch very well yet, they often quickly ask if they can also speak English.

I love the fact that I can help newcomers improve their language in this fun way!