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Eet mee

Do you like to eat together? Having surprising meetings and nice conversations with strangers? Then our formula Eet mee is really something for you. After an intake we will make a match, for a cosy meal with someone at home, tailor-made.
Eet mee is for everyone and for all ages. One can subscribe oneself as guest who will go to someone at the dinner table, or as host and cook for guests. Naturally both is possible too. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a top cook to subscribe yourself as host. It’s all about the meeting itself.
We will make a nice custom match between host and guest. It is possible to be matched again and again for a dinner.

Matches with refugees

As host or guest you can accord if you want to be matched with refugees with a temporary residence status in Utrecht and De Bilt. This is a continuation of our formula Come & Eat, where great matches were made amongst refugees from the emergency accommodation and residents.
It is possible to receive refugees for a meal at your home and/or as a guest eat at theirs. By personal intakes we take into account everyone’s wishes and possibilities.
By means of these special eating meetings we can create new social networks for refugees and their fellow townsmen/-women.

How does it go?

After you have filled in the webform we will contact you via telephone to hear your wishes and possibilities. Next our matchprogram suggests a match to an eating-circle. Are you alright with this? Then you will receive their contact information. The eating-address does suggest a date. To be able to make a good match for refugees an appointment will be made for a personal intake.


As an eating address you will bear the costs for the meal. As a guest bring something nice for the host. Both your investments will serve to a special experience.
For the match itself our foundation will ask a voluntary contribution. We as an organization of volunteers are dependent of donations, gifts and subsidies. We therefore hope you will support us after a successful dinner.


Participation is possible in the district of Utrecht. It is possible to be matched nearby per quarter/neighbourhood or residence, but also with people out of the region.