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Come & Eat

During Come & Eat you can as inhabitant invite refugees from the emergency fostering home to eat at your place.
For people fled from their country, this is the opportunity to esca[e from the fostering and meet the Dutch in a homy atmosphere.
To you this is a nice way to come into contact with refugees. Meanwhile Come & Eat has become a famous phenomenone with caring participants.

Triptych EenVandaag newsprogram

Look for the triptych EenVandaag sended about our Come & Eat meetings. In part one Farid Abu Amro sits at the table with family Meijer.
In part two Rami Ramou with his little daughter Logen being guests of family Van den Brink.
In part three Aziz Sahli and his deaf son Mohamad are eating with Marisa Rivera Goeman en Gomer Otterspeer.


Becoming enthousiastic? It is possible to register as an inhabitant of Utrecht being an eating address. There are no subscription costs. Would you like to contribute in another way? Support us with the purchase of a social stock or a donation.


Participation is possible in the municipality of Utrecht. There we organize Come & Eat together with Present Utrecht. Since 2015 around 1600 times a refugee as sat at the table with someone from Utrecht for a special eating meeting. In september we organize the next edition from the new refugee emergency fostering home.
Our Come & Eat method is available at reimbursement of expenses. We are non-profit. Are you interested, contact us or register yourself for the Come and Eat – Newsletter.

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Come & Eat wins Tolerance Award Utrecht 2016.

Come & Eat is one of the three award winners of the Tolerance Award of Utrecht 2016. Our volunteer Rami Ramou has nominate us on his own initiative. He is one of the Syrian refugees of the Asylum seekers Centre. According to the jury, Come & Eat is an excellent remedy against prejudices.